Best Online Games For Girls

If you’re looking for games for your daughter, check out these games for girls! The Beauty Cat Salon, Your Queen Destiny, and Princess Pizza Party are a few great examples. If your daughter is into dancing, try imitating the dance moves with the arrow keys. These games feature popular music and animations and get harder and more challenging with every level. Although they may not be educational, these games can pass the time!

Beauty Cat Salon

If you’re looking for free games for girls, look no further than Beauty Cat Salon. The game is a mobile version of the popular web browser game. Lucia, a professional cat groomer, has agreed to groom this kitten, but she didn’t anticipate such a big challenge. As her assistant, you must give each cat a new and unique look while trying to avoid tripping over the boss!

Princess Curse

If you are looking for some free games for girls to play online, then Princess Curse is the one for you! This is a unique game in which you play the role of a princess who wants to meet her prince. She leaves the castle to go in search of her prince, but she soon finds herself trapped in a dark forest, believing that it contains many secrets. As a result, she ends up turning into a stone statue. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to save your princess.

Your Queen Destiny

If you want to enjoy a fun, new online game for girls, Your Queen Destiny is for you. This quiz game will let you decide if you’d be a good or bad queen. Answer a series of simple questions, and you can unlock new wardrobe items for your avatar. Once you’ve mastered the game’s rules, you can dress your avatar in her favorite royal style. Your Queen Destiny is also available in full-screen mode so you can play in the best viewing experience possible.

Princess Pizza Party

A new version of the classic game for girls, Princess Pizza Party is sure to delight young gamers. As the titular princess, Rapunzel is here to have a blast with her friends in a new game! Rapunzel is joined by Belle from Beauty and the Beast, melbet and Elsa from the world of Frozen! Together, these princesses are throwing a pizza party. It’s a night off, and they’ve decided to celebrate by ordering pizza. But it’s not easy as putting together the perfect pizza can lead to a disaster! You have to carefully put together the ingredients to make a pizza that everyone loves!

Candy Crush Soda Saga

The latest release from King is the addictive Match 3 game Candy Crush Soda Saga. With familiar candies, this game is not difficult to master and is a great way to keep girls busy. Girls often find themselves addicted to this game, so their wives must be ready to send them extra lives or help them get through stuck levels! Hay Day is another popular game for girls that has elements similar to Candy Crush, such as raising cute animals and growing crops. It also lets you create things and craft them, too.


While some online games may be more challenging to play than others, FarmVille is surprisingly easy to get into. The game’s addictive nature and broad demographic appeal makes it the perfect game for girls. Players don’t need a computer or special hardware, and the simple interface allows them to play on any internet-connected device. There’s no need to buy an expensive phone or data plan, either.